Silk Jamawar

Silk jamawar presented by The Kashmir Emporium is a work of art. The designs woven by the artisans using number of threads of different colors are mesmerizing, and intricate. Each shawl is one of its kind. Pure silk thread is used in weaving. The thread is first treated by bleaching, washing and dyeing. Many silk threads are woven into one in order to give it the required strength and hold. The designs are created on graph paper, and weaver create the design accordingly. Loom used while weaving can be pit loom, jacquard loom or power loom. The designs created are mostly floral, with the paisley as predominant motif. Apart, the artisans can also weave classical motifs, such as animals, like elephant and lion; peacocks, swan, as well as lotus. You can buy silk jamawar in popular colors, like white, yellow, red, turquoise, purple, pink and light blue. Get Jamawar shawl in Delhi via ordering online from this website.
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