Kalamkari Stoles

Kalamkari is an old age type of hand painting and block printing, wherein the design is inspired from nature, religion and Hindu epics. Presently, the vegetable dyes are used for hand painting and block printing. The hand painted kalamkari stoles creation procedure includes taking the cloth, stiffen and dry it under sun; outlining the design with mordant; dip the cloth in alizarin; putting wax on those parts that are to be painted; dip the cloth in indigo dye; scrap off the wax; and paint those parts. Every step involved in the making of Kalamkari stole or dupatta is painstaking and executed with perfection. The organic colors are derived from several parts of plants together with mineral salts. Buy Kalamkari dupatta and stole at discounted prices from The Kashmir Emporium.

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PASH. Hand Paint Kalamkari Stole
₹22,000.00 Ex Tax: ₹22,000.00
PASH. Kalamkari Paldar Stole
₹14,000.00 Ex Tax: ₹14,000.00